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We want to show you Euskadi through its essence and its old traditions: enjoying, feeling and tasting everything that its roots can offer.

Stone and wood: lifestyle makers

Gastronomy, monuments, shows and incredible landscapes have made the Basque Country a well-known region all over the world. However, the exclusiveness of Euskadi lies in its essence, in the beginning.

Through this journey through the past, present and future of the Basque Country we want to show you the origins of this region through elements as stone and wood, the herri kirolak and a unique raw material.

Enjoy with us the roots that have built Euskadi!

The enviroment

You will discover inaccesible areas in a four-wheel-drive vehicle allowing you to admire the best views of the Basque Country and enjoying the license we have to access restricted points.

You will experience playing the horn in the Gorbea (one of the bocineros mountains formerly used to announce the celebration of general meetings).

You will walk on an easy trail of approximately 30/45 minutes through the surroundings of “Itxina”, the largest karst massif in the iberian peninsula and second in the european continent.

Treading, seeing and feeling this great limestone massif, you will understand the importance of this mineral for the construction of the first farmhouses, the homes, of the essence.

This ancestral quarry work, derived in what we now know as the sport of stone lifting (harrijasotzea). This experience includes an exclusive live exhibition with the most leading athletes in Euskadi in this matter.

After this walk, we will have a snack in the mountain refuge of Gorbea (the highest mountain in Bizkaia and Araba), located in the fields of Arraba.

You will eat products from the small producers of the Basque Country: organic eggs, homemade chorizo, Idiazabal sheep cheese and a variety of traditional snacks.

After lunch, you will visit “Otzarreta”, the most spectacular beech forest in Bizkaia, where silence and magic permeate these centennial beech trees. These beech trees served to build fishing boats and to produce the charcoal that helped people to cook and heating those stone and wooden houses that began more than 5 centuries ago to be the houses of the Basques, the ‘caserios’.

Because of this house hold tasks a new traditional sport arised, the log cutting (aizkolaritza). You will have the access to an exclusive exhibition with the most leading athletes in the Basque Country in this area.

Unique gastronomy and traditions all over the world

The Journey to the Origin continues in the caserio “Axpe Goikoa” in Dima (Bizkaia). This farmhouse, today turned into the Garena Jatetxea restaurant, still maintains the essence on its construction and gastronomic varieties.

With our own vineyards for two Txakoli brands belonging to the “Bizkaiko Txakolina” designation of origin (Txakoli de Bizkaia), a visit to these vineyards and the winery will help us to discover the extraordinary features of the “Garena” wines and “Geroa ”, prepared with the Hondarribi Zuri variety. A sample of wines loaded with the nuances that this unique land gives them.

Herri kirolak, basque essence

You will see how basque rural sports (herri kirolak) reflects a traditional and rural lifestyle that have built what today is known as Euskadi. This sports that firstly were just games after a hard rural work, have nowadays become a symbol of the Basque identity.

We want you to experiment the emergence of these sports and for that reason, we won’t settle with just a theoretical explanation. This experience contains two live shows with top-level athletes in the field that will transmit you the passion and uniqueness of these sports.

We will show you two of the best known modalities of Herri Kirolak: stone lifting and log cutting.

You will even try it!

We want you to be a friend of the Basque Country. That’s why, we will bring to you to the most intimate place of our home, your future home.

Round trip from any hotel in Bilbao and surroundings

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Binoculars to enjoy the views

Four-wheel-drive vehicles with special lisence

A guide and a driver of four-wheel-drive

Traditional snacks and lunch

Alternatives for people with allergies, vegans and vegetarians


Meeting at the hotel

Ipergorta (Austigarmin), montain at the foot of the Gorbea (monte bocinero)

Massif of Itxina

Campas de Arraba, refuge of the Gorbea

Hamaiketako (snacks)

Otzarreta beech

Axpe Goikoa farmhouse / Garena restaurant

Tour around the vineyards and wine testing


Show of log cutting and stone lifting

Arrival at the hotel

* If, for reasons beyond Basque Sports, we had to modify the itinerary, the content that will be offered will be the one offered in this itinerary but in other locations in the Basque Country.
** The content of what is described in relation to the “A Journey to the Origins” experience is informative but not contractual.

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